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The final scientific program is uploaded.

On Tuesday 16th, we will welcome you starting from 1 pm. The opening ceremony is at 4:30 pm so please come for registration in advance! After the last talk, we will go straight to the place for welcome reception. It is at walking distance but as far as possible, avoid luggage and dress appropriately according to the weather. Should be fine but occasional rain may occur, you’re in Belgium… Please inform us if you don’t have time to go to the hotel before coming to the congress venue on that day.

Before/after the congress time or on Wednesday evening, you would like to enjoy good and typical food and drinks in a nice atmosphere… Please find a list of some recommended places in the “Venue” page (map of city center will be provided at the registration desk upon request).


Social events

For those who registered for social events, please let us know your best option!
For those who will attend the Rhizo4 conference on Sunday 21st in Maastricht, we can suggest activities/tours in the Liège region on Saturday 20th, please let us know your interest at the registration desk upon arrival at the congress venue.
A fascinating exposition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War is hosted by the Liège-Guillemins train station, don’t miss it!

How to reach the congress venue in the city center:

From Liège airport
The best option is to take a taxi and ask for the address Place du 20 Août, 4000 Liège.
From the Liège-Guillemins train station
Take a taxi and ask for the address Place du 20 Août, 4000 Liège.
Walk through the city (see map)


Use public transport (departing in front of the station) bus lines 1, 4, 48, 9 and stop at “Pont d’Avroy” or “Opera” (see map), you are not far from the congress building and hotels.


Dear colleague PGPRist,

The 9th edition in Medellin is already far and It’s time to gather and brainstorm again on our favorite microbes.

Back in Europe and welcome to Liège for this 10th International PGPR Workshop! This mid-size city is one of the more lively in Belgium and the congress venue is located in the city center at a walking distance from all recommended accommodations and from many resto’s and bars. We will do our best to make this event as friendly, interactive and scientifically inspiring as the previous editions in Colombia and US. The global theme is “From Omics to the Field”.

Let’s share the latest insights into basic research and practical development to make PGPR-based products work optimally. It includes the following topics:

  • Integrating genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics to assess the intrinsic potential of PGPR for biocontrol;
  • Setting tools and strategies to select new isolates (niche, life style, endophytes) and to discover new metabolites and mechanisms involved in PGPR-mediated plant protection;
  • Improving our knowledge in key physiological processes driving PGPR fitness, persistence in the rhizosphere and secretion of active soluble metabolites/volatiles/enzymes;
  • Leaping from the natural functions to the role in biocontrol of antibiotics and other secondary metabolites;
  • Deciphering biotic and abiotic factors modulating the production of biocontrol metabolites in a world of interactions with the host plant, pathogens and auxiliary microflora;
  • Getting new insights into interspecies chemical communications in the rhizosphere;
  • Managing industrial scale production, formulation, homologation, practical application to improve PGPR efficacy in the field.

We also would like to include some “how to?” presentations given by experts in the field with the aim to provide young scientists with specific information on recently developed technologies and other various aspects from PGPR basic studies to implementation as biocontrol products. Topics could tentatively include:

  • How to analyze/annotate genomes?
  • How to identify new secondary metabolites?
  • How to evaluate data in a proper way?
  • How to decipher the role of metabolites in biocontrol?
  • How to study the regulation of biocontrol metabolites?
  • How to make a deliverable product from a single colony on Petri?
  • How to bring to the market considering Homologation, regulatory aspects?